Company Profile:

Archilume is a luminaire design and manufacturing studio that specializes in innovative lighting products. Founded in 2013 by industrial designer Saleem Khattak, the studio has been at the forefront of the decorative LED lighting industry, offering finely crafted luminaires that utilize energy-efficient LED chip-on-board technology.

The brand’s signature products blend minimalism and contemporary styling to provide elegant luminaires that enhance and punctuate interior spaces.

Archilume’s lighting product collection showcases the brand’s versatility through multiple mounting offerings, including pendant lights, ceiling chandeliers, wall sconces, and customized canopy configurations.

In addition to its commitment to innovative design, the studio is dedicated to protecting the environment. The brand’s manufacturing ethics focus on maximizing the use of smaller, local production facilities to create inherently energy-efficient products with a reduced carbon footprint.

Archilume’s mission is to lead the evolution of the lighting industry with its focus on sleek design coupled with technological advancement. The studio has won numerous awards for its forward-thinking approach to decorative LED lighting.

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